Fun Fact

Hi, my name is Melissa.  Did you know that in the Greek language Melissa literally means honey bee?  With a name like mine maybe I was destined to bee a beekeeper after all :)


Together with my darling husband Jimmy we operate Melissa's Harvest Apiary.  Right we are just a team of two.  We found something that we love to....

Growing Apiary

We are growing our apiary (bee yard) using sustainable practices.  We have learned that we can do one of two things.  Grow more bees or produce more honey.  At this time we are growing more bees.  Soon enough more and more bees will be even more honey.  Stayed tuned and watch how we unfold over the next few years.

Melissa's Harvest

We are beekeepers in the Memphis area located in Braden, TN which sits just outside of Memphis, TN.  We sale local honey from our treatment free bees and beehives. Our apiary is small but we are looking to expand in 2020 to be able to offer local, pure, and raw honey to the Memphis area.  

We plan to further extend our apiary in 2021-2022 so that we can service the Memphis, TN and surrounding area beekeepers with nucs, queen bees, and other beekeeping equipment.  

Our honey is as pure as honey can get.  We are sold out for 2019 so be sure to email us or contact us via Facebook by clicking HERE to get on our 2020 list. 


We appreciate your business!! 

Always Bee Nice

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