It's getting hot in here!

Have you ever dreamed of having your own personal steam room? I mean get out all those toxins with sweat running in rivulets across your skin. I’ve heard that it’s really good for you.

But who needs a steam room when you can wear a bee suit in the summer heat of the Mississippi River Delta?! We do that for fun about once a week. I’m rarely hot and I used to say 80 was my favorite temperature, that was before I put on a bee suit. I’ve run 5ks in Memphis heat in JULY still not as hot as wearing a bee suit for 5 minutes.

When we started we had some pretty thin jackets with built in veils, honestly it wasn’t so bad. Mine is pink, his is blue, we were so cute!

Then stings happened, bees in veils happened, allergic reactions happened and a full bee suit happened. It’s supposed to be breathable, it’s supposed to be comfortable, Blah blah. We ordered it mostly for my protection and it does do that!

But really my darling husband has a hat with a veil and whatever else he feels like wearing. NO bee suit for him he doesn’t need one! I He’s brave and tough and NOT ALLERGIC! I don’t think I’ve ever been so jealous!

Because there ain’t no sweat like bee suit sweat!

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